Office space in Liverpool

Office space in Liverpool

If you are looking for a place to start your own business and get an office space, Liverpool is the place for you. You will love the warmth that this city emits with cheerful folk and pleasant atmosphere. When you hear Liverpool, most likely an image of a football club pops up in your head, but this is not the only thing Liverpool is famous for.

Dale Street Office Space, L2

municipal_building_dale_streetThis period office building in the heart of Liverpool provides with a variety of office suites and regular spaces. You can choose from the wide range of offers where every choice is as tempting as the next. But this one, in particular, is great as it is located on the opposite side of the city town’s hall and close to Moorfields train station. It is also just a five-minute walk away from the main high street. It possesses standard meeting and board rooms and they are all fully furnished providing a modern and sophisticated look. Your clientele will be most pleased when they realize that there is a 24-hour security reception service. So all that you, as an employer, need to do is find a hard working team that will bring your company to the top. For the green loving employees, there is a recycling facility so that everyone can be responsible for our surrounding. Flexible terms make it so much easier for renting.

Queens Avenue, L2

Space itself is comprised of regular meeting rooms as well as V.I.P. and fully furnished board rooms made for the elite clientele and staff. It is located in the heart of business center the Liverpool is famous for. There is no better news for you than the one that your new office space will be at the heart of this famous city.

queens-hero liv

It is close to Castle Street so you won’t be far away from a variety of amenities such as bars, restaurants, and cafes. The building itself provides a huge choice for your food-loving employees so they won’t waste too much time looking for the perfect place to eat in. Relatively low price makes it the most desirable office space that Liverpool has to offer in this part of the city.

Bixteth Street, L3

City of liverpoolThis one is by far the best choice you can make when getting an office space for rent. It provides a 24-hour access as well as and security, fully furnished offices and broadband internet that covers every room in it, an elevator and a café on site. And what more can a successful businessman like you look for when searching for an office space. You will be most pleased to know that it is located at the heart of the commercial district so you won’t be far from your competition that can be a good thing as well. Starbuck’s and Sainsbury’s aren’t far as well so you and your employees will be able to enjoy in your break. Reception services, as well as janitor and cleaning services, are fully at your disposal so all you will need to do is find a team that will work for you and help you rise to the top!


Office Space Available In Aberdeen

Office Space Available In Aberdeen

Aberdeen, Scotland’s 3rd largest city, owes its appeal as a business location both to its history and to modern day developments. It was back in the 12th century that King David 1st of Scotland granted it Royal Burgh (city) status, and transformed its economy dramatically, and in recent decades that the flow of oil-weath through the area fueled its growth into a modern, dynamic metropolis that welcomes businesses of all varieties.

Fast-forward to today, and you find that HSBC
named Aberdeen as a leading business hub and one of eight ‘super
cities’ spearheading the UK’s economy, marking it as the only city in
Scotland to receive this accolade.

Chapel Street, Aberdeen, AB10

aberdeen chapel-streetThis is a great location for your office not only because it is surrounded by financial institutions gas businesses you will also find useful that it’s just a walk away from Carden Place and Aberdeen train and bus stations. It has a meeting room, board room; it’s fully air-conditioned, and the Wi-Fi covers every room in it. There is also a big and comfortable lounge area where your employees can make use of their break. Elevators that lead directly to the front door of the office space make it easily accessible. IT support is also provided by the company, and there are cleaning and janitor rooms so that you will always have a tidy and a clean office. Although it doesn’t have a personal parking lot, it is equipped with bike racks. Spacious meeting and conference rooms that are fully furnished with only the best furniture will provide a pleasant experience to everyone who visits.

Queens Gardens, AB15

With a moderate price for renting it provides everything that a modern office should have. A 24-hour security is available for the entire building as well as janitor and cleaning services. It also has copying facilities, recycling facilities, board room, meeting and conference rooms. Flexible terms make it so much easier to strike a deal with the land owner, in this case, a company that represents the owner.


A great perk it has is a virtual office option that lets you and your employees enjoy in the sophisticated technology that makes everyday life much easier. The offices are not branded so you can easily arrange your staff. Regarding the location, it’s close to Queens Garden Rode which is the heart of West Aberdeen. It is close to Union Street and shopping center, and Aberdeen’s airport is only 20 minutes away.

Rubislaw Den North, AB15

If you are tired of city lights and the noise and you want to get a new office in a healthy, surrounded by natural environment, this is the place for you. It might not be as accessible as the one in the city center, but it has advantages of its own. This office space comprises of a mix of fully furnished shared and private offices. The building itself is constructed out of granite mostly, so it’s a solid structure indeed.


The non-branded offices, virtual office options, and postal facilities are only some of the benefits this office space has. There are also cleaning/janitor services as well as a 24-hour security protection provided by the company that rent’s the place. Car parking as equipped with bike racks will make your employees entirely satisfied. There is nothing worse than riding an hour ride to work on your bike only to find out that you don’t have a place on a bike rack.

Office Spaces in Birmingham

Office Spaces in Birmingham

If you decided to start your business in Birmingham, you’d be surprised with the offer this place has for newly founded business companies. You can find amazing offices at affordable rental costs, without losing the comfort and space by paying less. So let’s review some tempting office spaces that will more than satisfy your needs.

Spencer Street

has a wide range of beautiful offices that will tempt even the most space-demanding companies into buying or renting them. One, in particular, has come to our attention as it is in the heart of the Jewelry Quarter and close to shops, banks, local amenities and you won’t have any trouble finding a bus.

Spencer Street

It goes without mentioning that this office space has all the necessary conventional facilities including meeting rooms, postal services, a lovely landscaped space to spend the time off and rest with your colleagues. What pleases most companies about this office space is that it has everything that a modern office requires, so there won’t be anything missing really! Above all, if you chose this as your office you will have room for a big advertisement panel on the front side so your clients will easily recognize you.

Bath Street, Walsall

Bath Street officesOffers a deluxe office space that should be your first choice when buying or looking to rent an office space for your new company. Fully furnished offices, as well as meeting rooms, provide the best conditions for your employees. It also has a parking space so your workers and colleagues will no longer look for free spots in the parking lot. And if your employees prefer bikes rather than cars they’ll be covered there as well. Regarding the location, you will be pleased to know that it is at ideal one. It is a walk away from the center where you will find whatever you need for your office. Birmingham city center is only seven miles away, and there are bus stops around the building that will make this trip a lot easier for you. For the Wi-Fi, you are completely covered, and if you don’t want the current package, there is always an option to get a new, faster internet connection.

Blucher Street

Blucher streetAlso has exquisite offices to offer. And this one at B1 will most likely be your favorite choice. The building was built around 50’s but don’t think that the building is in bad condition. Red bricks and wide windows will offer you and your employees the most pleasant working environment as many have confirmed before. Space is fully air-conditioned and covered with a Wi-Fi connection throughout the facilities. It is close to mainline train station so that even the ones that live far will have a quick route to your new office. Another advantage of it is that it has reception services and you can always strike a deal with the owner or a company that offers the space, to get their staff, so you don’t have to. It is located on the outside of the inner Ring Road and is considered to be a traditional office location for offices and small companies alike.